Business Package

Our Business Package is suited for more advanced situations including

  • Businesses. You may want to consider eCommerce or a shopping cart. If you're into providing services, we can connect you with specialized tools for managing and tracking services. We also can provide detailed marketing tools via Google and Facebook.
  • Non-Profit. You may be interested in a directory of services, members, and partner organizations. You may even want to manage reservations and tickets for events.
  • Government. We can install document management tools for official minutes of meetings, policies, etc. We can also establish a site where multiple offices each have their own private area to manage content.

Our estimated price of $1,500 is a good starting price, but your actual price may vary as you customize our mix of options for your needs.

This is a medium-duty website that is still agile and easy to maintain--there's just more to it. It still runs in Joomla, but we've added more extensions that more powerful business sites require. And, we beefed up the performance--you won't out grow it. Your particular business site will have a unique combination of features. 


Naming Your Website

A good business needs a name that is compatible with their official name. Sometimes those names, or similar names, are taken. We'll help you choose one (or more) names to give you good recognition on the Internet while protecting you from similar names established by either the competition or other businesses that could be unrelated but distracting to people looking for your business. 

  • Purchase. Find and purchase domain names for two years. We will attempt to tie up alternative domain names to reduce the odds of competitors gaining similar names. While we're at it, we'll lock down the privacy settings for greater security.
  • Link to Website. Activate and point the domain name to a web hosting account on cloud-based web servers. These servers will automatically increase their capacity to meet your needs as your site grows. Rather than paying a set fee for hosting, you'll be charged on the basis of how much bandwidth you actually use.

Email Addresses

Businesses need email addresses that are based on the name of their website. 

  • Accounts. Create up to 20 email accounts that use your domain name. Additional email accounts are $5 each.
  • Spam Control. Activate Spam Assassin on your email host.
  • Reader Set-up. Set up your email in your web browser or email client depending on how many computers you use for your email.

Designing and Building

Technical Stuff

  • Templates. We'll help you choose and modify, if needed, a high quality commercial template for your website.
  • Article Organization. Define an unlimited number of content categories for articles (stories) linking to menus. 
  • Email Contact Organization. Configure an unlimited number of email contact categories.
  • Main Menu Structure. Configure a complete Main Menu and additional other menus as needed.
  • Management Menu. Configuration of a private User Menu for website content development, photo uploading, etc. Additional, specialized menus are available $10 and $10 per menu option.
  • Visitor Monitoring. Installation of Google Analytics for monitoring of visitors and website errors. We can imbed the analytics tools directly into the private part of your website.
  • Search Engine Tools. Creation of a sitemap for Google and other search engines.