Starter Package

This is our basic, Starter Package. It's not your typical starter package for a website. It lets you build a high-powered site that will expand services as you need them. 

Who can use the Starter Website Package?

We added up all the expected costs and our commitment of time. It's a steal at an estimated starting price of $500. 


Naming Your Site

We'll help you set up your website address. That includes finding a good domain name for your website. Sometimes we recommend buying similar names to prevent problems with other people who also like the name you choose. We'll help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of domain names.

  • Purchase. Find and purchase a domain name for one year. Private or locked domain names as well as additional domain names require extra charges.
  • Link to Website. Activate and point the domain name to a web hosting account on our servers.

Email Addresses

If you want to have credibility, it's better to have your email use the same domain name as your website. We'll also help you set up your email tools like Gmail so you can read your email how you like.

  • Accounts. Create up to 5 email accounts that use your domain name. Additional email accounts are $5 each.
  • Spam Control. Activate Spam Assassin on your email host.
  • Reader Set-up. Set up your email in your web browser or email client depending on how many computers you use for your email.

Website Hosting


Your website has to be placed on servers at a data center and managed by a hosting company. There are hundreds of hosting companies and a few large data centers. Most are similar. We prefer those that use standard setup tools and have good site security and support.

  • Account Setup. Create a website account on our server space at HostGator, one of the best website hosts featuring a capable help desk, site security, and robust equipment. If you require a high capacity website, we'll set up a cloud-based system that charge according to your usage level.
  • Content Management System. Install Joomla, arguably the best content management system available for full-featured websites.
  • Backup Tools. Install website backup software.
  • User Friendly Editor. Configure our website editor for your use. (If you can use a word processor, you can use our editor.)
  • Tools for Photo Upload. Install media managers for uploading photographs and other images.

Technical Stuff



Most Important: Content